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Mr. Salvatore Pane was born in Naples, Italy At age 27, he emigrated to the U.S. That same day he was already working in “Il Cortile” one of the best restaurants in Little Italy, Manhattan. Next year, he went to work in Long Island for Zanghi restaurant and started his real estate career as a sales person but his entrepreneurial spirit pushed him to open his own real estate company, C-21 Blue Diamond . He became # 1 salesperson in New York with $1 Billion dollars worth of real estate over the course of his entire career.

He quickly learned the trends of the real estate business and property valuation and he transitioned to Mortgage banking where he became an FHA underwriter. He has always been a visionary and has stayed true to his ideals since he came to this country.  He always wanted to be a banker and so he worked relentlessly to acquire the knowledge and experience necessary to underwrite mortgages.  He has always upheld the guidelines and principals as set forth by the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development.  Mr. Pane has his own CHUM # since 1993.

As a successful mortgage banker and all-around entrepreneur, he enjoys working independently and never stops learning. He worked diligently to accumulate sufficient capital so he could invest in real estate. 

He opened his first Mortgage Banking Company, in 1992 where he funded FHA Loans, VA loans, conventional loans.

Over the years, he has been devoted to deliver the home ownership experience to thousands of people with the dream of owning a house.

His credentials have been approved by the FBI, OCC, FDIC to be a founder and director of a federally charter Bank.

Mr Salvatore Pane has been in the mortgage industry for about 30 years , his expertise and credentials as a real estate broker, FHA DE underwriter, private investor, mortgage banker and director of a federal and savings bank have qualified him to be the banking professional he is today.